Joining Southern Maryland Spay & Neuters Chain of Love is a unique way to both contribute to our efforts, and memorialize or pay tribute to your cherished and beloved pets. The Chain of Love is a way to link all of us together through the love we share for our companion pets. The tribute is displayed on our “Cyber Chain,” which displays the tribute to your pet forever. If you choose to include a photo of your pet on the chain, we can include that, too. We ask a donation of $15.00 per tribute. To make your tribute, send us the following information:

Whether the tribute is “in memory of” or “in honor of”
Your companion’s name
Your family’s name
Message that you would like displayed

To make your donation by credit card, click the “Make a Donation” link below. You can email the tribute information and your companion’s photo to spayspotthriftshop@gmail.com 

Southern Maryland Spay & Neuter

The SPOThriftshop