Free Dog Neuter Application
The Maryland Department of Agriculture has provided Southern Maryland Spay & Neuter, Inc. with a grant to fund Calvert County residents with free dog neuters. 
If you have a household income of $50,000 or less and live in Calvert County you can qualify to be provided a free dog neuter to help reduce the overpopulation of animals in our shelters.
To qualify you must live within the zip codes of: 20676, 20639, 20736, 20685, 20657, 20714, 20678, 20688, 20689, 20754, 20629, 20732, 20615, 20610.  You must be able to provide proof of address (W2, driver’s license, or piece of mail) and annual household income of $50,000 or less (2017 tax return or enrollment in government assistance program such as SNAP, WIC, TEFAP and School Meals).  

Apply online and upload verification documents using the link below (this requires an email address):  
Fill out a printed application and submit the necessary verification documents at our store (address and hours of operation are located on our homepage). 

Full funding for this project was provided by the Maryland Department of Agriculture, Spay and Neuter Grants Program.

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